Washington University Pediatric Colorectal Center is dedicated to delivering top patient care through four core focuses: multidisciplinary care, top expertise, technology and judgment, and goal setting.

Multidisciplinary Care

Washington University is home to top physicians in the fields of patient care and basic science. Our experts meet at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital in multiple venues to provide multi-disciplinary care to our patients. Through our conferences and patient interactions, medical issues are discussed to find a personalized solution for each patient.

Top Expertise

Washington University is a patient connection institution involved in research and training the next generation’s physicians. Through these missions, we are able to provide the world’s top and most up-to-date expertise to your child.

Technology and Judgement

Our facilities at Saint Louis Children’s Hospital has the most up-to-date equipment in the field. We possess the judgement to know when it is best to utilize a new technique or when it may be prudent to rely on a well-established standard.

Goal Setting

Our goals are your goals. We seek to improve your child’s quality of life as well as that of your family. Tell us what is important to you. Together, we can strive for that goal.